Maxon Cinema 4D

My first major project with Cinema 4D was
a virtual tour of my own house. This is a full scale rendition of the internal structure of the house.


This was for an Experimental Workshop during my final semester of Grad School. The idea was to create a virtual environment for the demonstration of experiential |design studies.


This project was a semester long endeavor into modeling and texturing an existing
3D environment


The YouTube video, linked here, is the final fly through for the project.

Fort Ticonderoga

A Revolutionary War fortress in Upstate
New York that was occupied by the French, British and Americans during the War.


This was an exploratory project where
I applied some new techniques for modeling and texturing. I used splines with sweeps to create all the fortress walls, so each complete wall is a single low poly object. Also when possible I utilized cloners or the Mirror tool.


This was also the first time I tried BP UV Edit in Cinema 4D, using this technique to paint the texture for the modeled ground. This was also my first use of the Physical Sky and Global Illumination in the rendering engine.


With exception of the trees, I modeled and created textures for the entire scene.

Maxon Cinema 4D

Samara ... a Usonian Style Frank Lloyd Wright house in Indiana. This was an exercise in lighting a room using both interior and exterior sources as well as working with a variety of textures.

Maxon Cinema 4D

Eagle One Transporter from Space 1999,
a TV show that aired from 1975 - 1977.


This was just a fun exercise in modeling.
For the booster flames I used parallel spot lights, turned off the illumination and added some noise.

Maxon Cinema 4D

Demonstration of modeling and of using MoGraph cloners and effectors to simulate bodies within the flow of blood for the Contemporary Media I, Medical Illustration, class. One of many lessons that
I used to teach 3D animation and design while I was teaching this course as an Adjunct Professor.

Autodesk Maya

A 3D Rendition of Usonian Style House.
This was one of my first endeavors into the world of 3D design. While I never became
a fan of Maya software it did give me the foundation for my later adventures with Cinema 4D.

John E. Dyer

was born in and continues to reside in Rochester, New York


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