Rochester Institute of Technology Rochester, New York
(January 2014 - Present)

Adjunct Professor:

School of Design | Visual Communications

Web & UI Design (VCDE707) 2015

Motion Graphics (VCD728) 2017

Digital Media Integration (VCDE733) 2016

Professional Practices (VCDE746) 2016 – '18


School of Design | New Media

Digital Survey I (NMDE111) Fall 2017

Digital Survey II (NMDE112) Fall 2017


School of Art | Medical Illustration

Contemporary Media I (ILLM515) 2015 – '17

     a 2D & 3D motion design course

Contemporary Media II (ILLM516) 2015 – '18

     a web design course

Muse Web Design Workshop, Spring 2018


Graduate Teaching Assistant:
Raster Vector Workshop, 2014, '15

STEM program personal branding class





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John E. Dyer

was born in and continues to reside in Rochester, New York


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