Kodak Kiosk Project

A three month project involving icon design, product simulations and the designing of screens for the new Kodak Kiosk HD update.


The first month of the project was spent creating product simulations. This is the cards, posters and images of models holding different size prints. This was all accomplished in Photoshop, using approved stock  and original photography.


The second month was spent designing icons and the base screens for use in the HD upgrade. This involved working in Illustrator to set up a large library of icons and screen elements, such as buttons, sliders, for later production use.


The third month was spent designing individual screens in Illustrator, exporting out all the graphics and turning the files over to the developers.

Mobile Chemistry App Design

Design a mobile version of the Period Table of Elements for Students. Design work was done in Illustrator and Photoshop.


Each element in the table contains pullouts for detailed information and physical structure. Each element can be selected, located by groups of elements or by a text search using the iOS keyboard.


This certainly beats the laminated paper version I used during my chemistry classes in undergrad school.

John E. Dyer

was born in and continues to reside in Rochester, New York


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